“It is difficul…

“It is difficult to make a man understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it”

Upton Sinclair

The new Age of the Robber Barons has descended on the land.  Can a new Progressive Era be far behind?


Benghazi . . . Really? Again?

I was just out of Cairo after a year teaching at the American University in Cairo at the time of the attacks.  I know that the anti Muslim video by a Coptic “producer” was consistent with the major chip on the shoulders of Coptics in Egypt, many of whom see themselves as the true Egyptians and Muslims as Arab interlopers.  The video clearly had the effect of inflaming tensions in Egypt and throughout the Arab world where protests against this video, produced in the U.S., are a fact.  The U.S. embassy grounds were overrun during the protests just the day before.  It was more than reasonable that there were protests in Benghazi that were then an opportunity for an attack by militants, who were in the area and were up for a fight.  The idea that there is a coverup is, in my view, a fantasy cooked up by Americans who know nothing of the area and worse, are open to whatever the Coptic community in the U.S., which is large, will tell them.